Hannah Parrott

Composer For Film, TV & Video Games


Hannah Parrott - Headshot.jpg

Hannah Parrott was born in Los Angeles, California. She began composing and playing piano by ear at the age of 10.

While not surrounded by formally trained musicians, Hannah was immersed in musical settings, often singing four-part harmony with her three sisters and in the local church choir. It was through these experiences that melody and the singability of musical ideas became of primary importance in her compositional development.

Upon hearing the score by Harry Gregson-Williams for the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Hannah was drawn into the partnership of film and music to tell a story. Hannah then went on to study Music Composition at Biola University’s Conservatory of Music, collaborating as composer with many filmmakers at the university.

Hannah has been involved in the music for such projects as BBC's Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, Finding Dory, The Magnificent Seven (2016), National Geographic’s The Flood, Chaisson: Quest for Oriud (San Diego Comic-Con), When Jeff Tried To Save The World (Newport Beach Film Festival), Head Count (LA Film Festival), Swipe Right (Cannes), and Reagan (LA FIlm Festival). Hannah has worked for notable composers James Horner, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea, and J.A.C. Redford and has assisted Grammy-nominated recording engineers Simon Rhodes and Chris James.

Hannah is currently living in Los Angeles and writing music for film, TV, trailers, and interactive media.



Golden Arm (2019) - Feature Film (Dir. Maureen Bharoocha)

Bite The Hand (2019) - Short Film (Dir. Nolan Wilson Goff)

Miss Havisham Effect (2019) - Feature Film (Dir. Leila Djansi)

From The Land of In-Between (2019) - Documentary (Dir. Joe Matthews)

Dr. Scotty’s Intergalactic Motel and Café (2019) - Short Film (Dir. Jeffrey Simon)

So Shook (2018) - Main Title Music (Dreamworks TV - Dir. Alex Goyette)

Last Three Days (2018) - Feature Film (Dir. Brian Ulrich)

When Jeff Tried To Save The World (2018) - Feature Film (Dir. Kendall Goldberg)

The Duelist (2017) - Short Film (Dir. Davy McCall)

Head Count (2017) - Feature Film (Dir. Elle Callahan)

Close Your Eyes (2017) - Short Film (Dir. Davy McCall)

Confidence Check (2017) - Short Film (Dir. Kendall Goldberg)

To The Moon (2016) - Feature Documentary (Dir. Susan Morgan Cooper)

Todd (2016) - Short Film (Dir. Cameron Boyce)

Small Talk (2016) - Short Film (Dir. Hilary Campbell)

The Lake Effect (2016) - Feature Film (Dir. Kendall Goldberg)

Reagan (2016) - Short Film (Dir. Christopher Cegielski)

Ad Inferos (2016) - Short Film (Dir. Timorthy Gaer)

When Jeff Tried To Save the World (2016) - Short Film (Dir. Kendall Goldberg)

Aventura (2015) - Feature Film (Dir. Annaliese Franklin)

Emergracion (2015) - Short Film (Dir. Corban Quigg)

Teddy Bears Are For Lovers (2015) - Short Film (Dir. Almog Antonir)

Hairpin Bender (2015) - Short Film (Dir. Maureen Bharoocha)

The Cure (2015) - Short Film (Truefaced Productions)

Cindy (2015) - Short Film (Dir. Jeremy Nachbar)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  (2014) – Bonus Features DVD (Warner Bros.)

This Is Not the End  (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Hilary Campbell, Prod. Trenton Waterson)

Paradise Lodge (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Joseph Garrett)

Chaisson: Quest for Oriud  (2014) – Short Film (Brotherhood Workshop)

Little Emily (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Lacee Bryson)

Nuke the Moon  (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Joshua Nelson) 

Kyle and Captain Courage  (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Aaron Howard)

Heritage  (2014) – Short Film (Dir. Davy McCall)

White Picket Fences  (2013) – Short Film (Dir. Cameron Boyce)

Voldemort Goes Wand Shopping  (2013) – Short Film (Brotherhood Workshop)

Onus  (2013) – Audio Book (Dir. Davy McCall)

Rabbit (2012) – Short Film (Dir. Paul Yurick)

Up: The Man in the Flying Chair (2011) – Theatrical Video Production (Dir. Ian Mayta)

The Boy Who Builds Boats (2011) – Short Film (Dir. Rachel Harris)